Monday, April 25, 2016

Paintings and Poetry, writing and frames

 Close up of a few paintings after signature is added. My fruit speak for us. Bananas in the prime of their lives. Ready to connect.

"Young love, blush and green, into the night."  close up....

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Watercolors for sale III

 "Two peach and two yellow daffodils

 "Two pears on pink with blue shadow"

 "Two Pears, study with purple, yellow and green"

"Shannon with legs crossed"

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Watercolors for sale, II

 "Steadfast my love"
 "Red pepper, study in blue, green and red"

 "Bowl of lemons, study in yellow, orange, pink, purple and green"

 "Anne Frank watched the raindrops on the conker tree"

 "Self Embrace"

 "Abate Fetel, bred by Italian Monks"

 "So glad we got together under the persimmon tree"

 "Two Pears, sunrise"

 "Heirloom tomato, study in blue-green, green, red and orange"

"Sunrise in a red boat, or Sunset?"

 "Jon's Head, secondary fruit, green pepper promenade"

 "Heirloom tomato, study in pink, red, orange and green"

 "Heirloom tomato, study in red, yellow and yellow-green"

"Bosc Pair"

Oil Paintings II, for sale

                "Gladiola with yellow background" 8" x 10" $235 in gold frame

"Bluffs of Empire" 6"x 6" oil on Wood frame    $220
 "Poppies in Oneida bike trail, opening day" 8" x 10" on wood frame. $220

"Cherry Blossoms" 8 x 10" in white distressed type frame.  $250

"Cherry Road"     6 x 6" on wood $200

"Cottonwood Trail, Sleeping Bear Dunes" 6" x  6" on wood $200

"White Flowers in Blue and Orange Pot"   6" x 6" Black Frame $235

"Radishes" 8" x 10"  $190  black frame

"Lean on me, orange and white gladiolas" 12" x 12"  $190

"Daffodils on purple and blue" 8" x 10"    $250     light blue frame

 "Three Heirloom Beets"  $225    black frame

"Smirk, Shannon  in Pink" $200

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Oil Paintings I, Prices

"Bee Boxes and Cherry Blossoms" $200    6" x 6"

"Look Out! Mission Peninsula" $125   6" x 6"

"Dune Sweet Peas" $175   6" x 6" wood

"Dune Cliff" $175        6" x 6"

"Cherry Blossoms and Rolling Hills"  $200     6" x 6"

"Lilly of the Valley" $125  5"x 7"

"Sutton's Bay Blue and Green with Cherry Blossoms" $150     6" x 6"

Watercolors I, Titles and Prices

"Artichoke, Old Thistle Flower, Cardoon"

"Mission Peninsula Scenic View"

"Darling, I love your back in the Lavender twilight"

"I am old don't look away."

"I have wings"

"Two kiwi: study in pink, blue, brown and green"

"My Three Salty Friends"

"Curtains Open and Close, Love overlooks"

"Back to back, Sunday morning"

"Young love, blush and green, into the night"

"A rack of turnips, a royal feast, let's eat!"

"The Treemendous Maple"

 "A whole bunch of time, Hey There!" I/3

 "Looking good, my interest is peaked" 2/3

"Ready to Eat" 2/3

 I am sweetest now, unpeel and dive in!   "3/3

"Memory, unplugged, intuned"