Sunday, October 12, 2008

Thank You!

Thanks to everyone who came to Croptoberfest yesterday. It was wonderful to be around so many wonderful women taking time for themselves and honoring each other along with the people in their books. Special thanks to Jamie and Sherri for working so hard and with such a positive attitude. Thanks to Isaac and Dan for moving so many bags and boxes!
I found another photo from my honeymoon in 1987. It is from our balcony at the St. Croix hotel. Kim reminded me of how wonderful the sound of waves are at night. Leka reminded me and others that the ocean can be a special place anytime we think of it....even 21 years later.

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kimkelsey said...

You're so right we can always remember that wonderful, magical, moment on the beach. While in Hawaii my childhood memory came of me going to the beach in Florida.

You do such a beautiful job with the blogs. God bless you my friend.