Saturday, December 20, 2008

Family Day

We had a family party today with my two brothers, and Don brought some photos. This is a photo of Tom at Don's wedding in 1973. We thought Ian and Tom looked a lot alike......this is Tom and Ian a couple of years ago......We realized our family is really good at smirking!
This is at Don and Cherie's wedding in '73. I am the one with the bad hair, platform shoes, and tennis sunburned face. Bob and Tom are on the far left. I think this is the worst hair day I have ever had!

Isn't this a lovely photo of Don and Cherie? I hadn't seen any of these photos before, they have been married 35 years! I think Don has a bit of a John Lennon look. I am going to a wedding tomorrow at Martha Mary Chapel. Memories and weddings are fun!

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