Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Kim and the Boys

Many of you know my friend Kim. She has worked with orphaned or abused boys for 20 years at Christ Child House in Detroit. The Detroit Free Press just did a very extensive story about the facility and Kim is in the movie and the paper. If you want to see a real look at 31 boys, and how Kim and people like her help these boys, type in FREEP.com and then type in Christ Child House. In the movie, Kim is amazing with the boys, she has so much empathy, humor and patience. It is a unique opportunity to look into her life and the lives of the boys. She is truly inspiring!

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kimkelsey said...

I really like your friend Kim. She seems like a very cool woman. EVeryone should have a friend like her. What do you think?

thanks Laura for your kind words. I am so humbled by your kind words about me. I feel so appreciated by the picture and the things you have written about me. Your freindship is pricely. A true friend.