Monday, May 4, 2009

Lilacs are in FULL BLOOM Today!

Lilacs are timeless beauties....our mothers, grandmothers and great grandmothers grew them! These trees in my yard were brought from Dearborn as little babies from an old lilac patch across the street. They filled a neighbors yard completely, then they wanted to get rid of them. I was glad to have these little gems. Lilacs live on.


Anonymous said...

Hi Laura: I was searching for a CM consultant in Livonia and found your blog site today. What gorgeous floral pictures and layouts you have! You are a very talented artist. I have added you to my Favorites and will check it out everyday! Are you participating in Great Lakes Mega Meet next week? The Happy Cropper

Laura Jannika said...

Thanks so much for you comments! I will not be at the mega meet. I just did my National Scrapbook Day....My next crop is at the Holiday Inn Express in Northville on May 15th, 4-midnight. I would be happy to help you with Creative Memories anytime. I do both digital and traditional. I am so glad you are a happy cropper!

m. heart said...

ahhh, i can almost smell them from here! ours are still only tight buds, but with all the rain we're having this week a few afternoons of warm sun should make them burst soon!