Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Kim gives Isaac a Haircut ....click here!

This is Isaac's hair after 4 years of growing. He decided to cut it and give it to a charity that will make wigs out of it for cancer patients. Kim, at Hair Designs North in Dearborn, was very patient with him. He said he wanted a mohawk.

She put it in sections....it was kinda cute that way!
Kim tried to talk Isaac into this multi level hair cut,,,,,it looks very arty. he said NO.Here is his pile of hair, ready for a needy person!

She is almost done! He loves his new haircut. He said "Does it make me look younger?" He wanted his hair cut before he start his movie this week. He needed to keep the hair out of his face as he works. Look for his movie: "You Should Always run away from your problems", around September this year.
Kim was so patient, she has been working magic on my hair for 14 years......every month. She can even make my gray hair look like a work of art. Kim is talented as well as a dear caring friend.


Anonymous said...

Isaac looks great! What women would pay to have that color hair!
Patti H.

Laura Jannika said...

Thanks Patti.....I used to pay for that color.

Anonymous said...

There's something about those Kim's. Thanks for sharing.