Friday, July 17, 2009

Richard, Dan's cousin in Central Illinois, a Farmer

Click here for full article in the News-Gazette
Dan's mother sent this article about Richard Rieches, Cissna Park Illinois. Dan is from Paxton, a few miles from there. They are cousins. Dan became a car engineer and not a farmer, but Richard stayed and loves his life as a small town farmer. He does a lot of jobs in the community, including digging graves for the Lutheran Church. It is a very well written article, and I was very moved by the writing. It was written by a University of Illinois grad student (by the way I am a U of I grad as well & Dan's paternal grandparents who graduated 60 years earlier than me!)
Kudos to Richard for living a life that is based on caring about his neighbors, hard work and of course humor. Thanks to Amanda Brenner, the writer, for being so sensitive to the value and steadfastness of one human being living in the same home he was born in 57 years ago. This is like a short story, I hope you find time to read it.

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