Saturday, August 15, 2009

The butterfly Revolution Begins

After hearing about Bill Craigs ordeal with the City of Livonia I have decided to have a new mission. It is a simple one.....I would like Livonia to be the Monarch capital of Michigan.
I think this would be good for many reasons: People love butterflies and their miraculous transformations, and they make us smile! Secondly, this would increase awareness of beneficial plants for the animals and insects in our community. Third, native plants increase the water quality of our rivers because of their deep roots and their filtering abilities.
There are many more reasons, but I will begin with those today.
What do I want people to do?
Share the revolution, share your ideas, plant a milkweed or share this with someone else.
I will share more in coming blogs, and I look forward to your feedback. This is truly grassroots!

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