Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Chocolate Creole Cake

I spent a good part of the day making a cake from a recipe I found almost 30 years ago in a magazine. I made it once when I was in my twenties. Chocolate Creole Cake. I had a taste for a good cake. I made 2 square cakes with chocolate squares, lots of butter and sour milk. Then made a layer with cooked condensed milk, chopped dates, pecans and raisins. I whipped cream for another layer. Finally I made a frosting with chocolate chips and sour cream. The nasturtiums are actually crimson color and are quite tasty. They cover up any imperfections in my frosting technique. Many pans and bowls later I had a cake ready for a wonderful wine tasting party at Jays house. I am satisfied!
The recipe is on the right side in a gadget.

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Bluecat said...

Lost my recipe for Creole Cake. As soon as I saw the image of the square cake with chocolate frosting, I knew this was the right one. Can't seem to find the gadget with the recipe, maybe it's not there anymore? Your cake looks beautiful!