Sunday, September 13, 2009

Joe's 100th Birthday!

Here is Joe Waroquier blowing out his 100 candles today at the Monterrey Cantina in Royal Oak! His daughter Delores rented the whole restaurant! What a blast it was! Tons of people, food and drinks on Joe! He was so happy, especially when they cut the cake!
Joe has always been a happy man.....we met him at Woodhaven when my Dad lived there. He would visit his friend Elenor every day for many years. Joe was always giving the boys praise. He liked them to play music for him, and he always gave them a big hug! He made birdhouses, walking sticks and bug houses all the time. He would give away the bug houses, and sell the rest. We have lots of Joe's birdhouses! SMILE is the word for Joe!
I included a few photos of Joe and the boys, in one he is a spry 88 years old! Happy 100th Birthday JOE!


hiro said...

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