Friday, December 18, 2009

Planning to Dance!

I am planning a dance party for my birthday in April.  I like to think ahead!  This weekend I finish up my second weekend of Excellent Training, and I plan on being excellent.  Johanne plans a dance for each weekend, and they are so much fun!  We are never too old, too fat or too boring do dance.


Song said...

Question: Are these 3 dimensional cards that you make first and take pictures afterwards or are they all created from computer images? Why am I limiting it those 2? Why don't I just ask you your process... How do you complete a card? Thanks!

Laura Jannika said...

Thanks Song.....I make these designs in StoryBook Creator Plus ( kind of like Photo Shop, only it is a Creative Memories product). The program has features for layering and shadowing to create dimension. I like this program because it is very intuitive and I can buy various themes to add to the program. I do also work with paper and photograph some of these designs, but I don't use dimension in them. I scrapbook, so things need to be actually flat.

Song said...

Thank you! Your choice of designs, colors, and inspirational words are impeccable.