Saturday, February 6, 2010

Poppy Goes to First Agility Match!

Poppy is now 3 years old and as happy as ever.  She has been taking agility classes for 2 years now, and finally ready for an agility match at Northfield Dog Training in Ann Arbor.
She will be so excited, I will have to bring someone with me so I can walk the course and get my bearings without her.
She will have to go through tunnels and chutes, climb tall objects, teeter tauter, Jump over 20" jumps and through tires, sit still on a table for 5 seconds, and weave through poles.
She can do all of these well....I hope she can put a good run together Sunday!  I  hope I can remember the course well enough to give her good commands!  Poppy loves to please!

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Laura Jannika said...

Isaac did perfectly! Story go come!