Friday, May 28, 2010

Twins mary twins....60 years ago

Heard the story and saw this photo on NPR today...twins married twins....over 60 years ago.  Check it out on NPR.
As teenagers in 1946, identical twin sisters Hunny and Bunny Feller landed summer jobs as waitresses at the Laurel Park Hotel in New York's Catskill Mountains. There, they met another set of identical twins, musicians Elliot and Danny Reiken.
And so began a love story — or twin love stories — that included a double marriage.
Recently, Hunny and Elliot Reiken remembered what happened when the twins met the twins.
"When we met, you and your sister couldn't tell us apart, and we couldn't tell you two apart," Elliot says.
"We had a double wedding," Hunny says. "And it was two brides, two grooms, one set of parents for each. The gowns were identical gowns, the flowers were identical."
But even though both couples went to Miami Beach for their honeymoons, they took different trains down.
"Because we didn't want it to be so obvious that people would be staring at us, you know," Elliot says.
They found it a little embarrassing to be "the twins that married the twins," Hunny says.


Just said...

Aw that is so cute. And yet a little odd. What are the chances? Do you think that the fact that they felt they had so much in common with their sister/brother pressurised them into doing it a bit? I'd be interested to hear the follow up.

Laura Jannika said...

I added a little more info to the post. I think it was just love.