Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Forget me Not Circles in Terry's backyard Today! Water Color Day with Jay

Painted with Jay today in my neighbor Ursula and Terry's backyard.  Terry has left little circle  pockets of Forget Me Nots in his hilly backyard.  The background goes all the way to  Belle Creek.  The sun was dappling across the backyard, and I tried to capture the dappling as graphic shapes. 

I had already painted the border and a little generic background ahead, that was helpful.  I had painted some backgrounds one day when I was too tired to think.  It paid off.  I  treated the dappled light like actual shapes...hope that came across.  I used lots of white and some of Jay's gouache along with my water colors.  Life doesn't get any better than painting with a friend all day!  Oh ya, a glass of wine would have been perfect!

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