Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Goodbye Roberta Steever

I lost a wonderful friend this week, Roberta Steever.  We worked at the bank together, over 20 years ago, but she always kept in touch and kept our Comerica alumni together. We would have reunions often, and lately every year, even though she lived in Florida.  She always had a smile and lived at her own pace.  She loved chocolate and shared that love with others. 
Roberta had arthritis and didn't hear well, but nothing stopped her.  She would still come every year from Florida to visit her friends and family.  She always asked how your family was, and listened to your response very carefully.  I got a birthday card without fail for over 27 years.  That says it all right there doesn't it.  What will you be remembered for?


Rosemary said...

I really find your blog interesting to read and this is such a nice tribute to your friend. I'm very sorry for your loss, she sounds like a good person, plain and simple. I mean, she loved chocolate - she was a good egg and you do her justice giving her respect like this.

I hope that someday when I die, that the friends and family I leave behind remember me as a kind and good person, not perfect or fancy but the kind of person you'd want to spend time with and were happy to have known. That's a good way to be remembered.

Laura Jannika said...

Dear Rosemary
Thank you for your comments....how kind. I think it is important to think about how we want to be remembered. It helps us live with more purpose.
It looks on your blog that you have some wonderful friends and you certainly do have fun with your art.
I heard a saying: To affect the quality of a day ----that is the art of life!

Laura Jannika said...

Oh ya, the Spanish goalie was hot and he made a tremendous save with his foot that really won the game for them!

Laura Jannika said...

Roberta's favorite friends was Russel Stover.