Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The TREEmendous Maple

I finished my book and got it copyrighted today!  What a great experience! This is the cover of the book (front and back).
I started the book in October as I watched the leaves fall. I wrote the poem that day, and have been editing it ever since.
I have looked closely at the tree almost every day for the 11 years that we have lived here.  It was always a hollow tree and I was amazed back then that it was still alive.  For all these years it continues to green out and turn yellow in the fall.  It has been hit by lightning a couple of times, and you can actually see through 3 holes at one time in the trunk. I even have a photo as you look up through the top of the tree.

One year ducks laid eggs in the crevice, although they did not last long thanks to raccoons.
We attached a rope for the kids to swing on, and they did.
Thanks to the poetry group...Jay, Laura and David for helping me edit the book. Their help is deeply appreciated.
I entered the book in the BLURB book competition and you can see the whole book by clicking on my gadget on the right side.
Now I would like to get a publisher! It is TREEmendous! 

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