Sunday, November 21, 2010

Making pierogis at our Janowski family party

The Janowski Family got together yesterday to celebrate Wanda and Helen's birthday and get their family books.  Carol brought all the stuff for pierogi's and we all helped put them together.  Carol is an amazing cook!  She had dough made up ahead and fillings in containers: apple, potato and bacon and cheese. She brought butter and fresh dill to pour over the top as well.  What a fun thing to do!  Thanks Carol!

 Vicky puts on the egg wash so the ends will stick together.  Linda did a great job too. 
 Amber and her boyfriend enjoy the book.  How wonderful that the next generation will know our stories.

 Helen 88, Joe 92 and Frank 86. 

What great focus and beauty! Carol carrying on the Polish traditions.

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