Monday, May 30, 2011

Garden Report, today in the garden. Radish, tickseed, allium, black raspberry, rugosa rose and.....

Radishes are ready in the garden, they must like water.  The Rugosa roses just opened up today too. They are so fragrant.  (The pink roses will be out soon.)
Below is a little tickseed, this is a weed but very pretty.  The alliums are up and blooming this week, and a flower I have never seen in my backyard....I am not sure what they are.  They look like white stars.  They are growing in a colony, not sure how they got there.  Maybe they needed a lot of water to grow.   Black raspberries are flowering now.  Lots of flooding this week. The wettest spring I can recall in a lifetime!

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Gege a.k.a Agan said...

amazing pic... beautiful