Friday, February 3, 2012

25th Anniversary Party Coming up

 Getting ready for our 25th Anniversary Party.  I am using my original colors of the wedding, including my original flower caketop.  My flower girl was Monica and her parents will be coming.  It is fun to remember my Dad too.  We should have danced more.  In fact, I think one regret I have is not dancing more in general.
 My amaryllis is blooming...both of them.  This is their second year.  It is a proud moment to make them bloom again.

Playing with words....Love to have fun!


dianne said...

This is a lovely idea for your 25th anniversary...congratulations!
You are such a beautiful bride,the colours are lovely and I love the image of your amaryllis, it is so pretty.
xoxoxo ♡

Laura Jannika said... are such a kind person. I love that you write such kind things on my blog. I wish you lived closer, I would buy you lunch! I live near Detroit.

SweetMelody said...

My greetings from France! After visiting your blog, I could not leave without putting a comment.
I congratulate you on your blog!
Maybe I would have the opportunity to welcome you on mine too!
My blog is in french, but on the right is the Google translator!
good day