Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Today in the Garden: Spring Beauty, Quince, Hyacynth, Amelanchier, Trillium, Maple and Mountain Ash Tree

 Spring Beauties are very early this year......they make me smile as they dance in the grass.

 Amelanchier blooming....beautiful against the blue sky.

 The old maple tree is slowly dying.  It now has plants growing in the upper branches.  It is still budding despite being totally hollow. I made the book "The Treemendous Maple" about this tree.
I got this trillium at a sale last year in Traverse City.  It is exciting to have it bloom in my garden this year.

Above is a quince blossom.  Last year my quince made fruit! Very odd indeed.
Left: A mountain ash bud...this little tree was brought home by Ian in 3rd grade. Not it is 20 feet tall.  Love the tight little buds.

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dianne said...

Gorgeous flower images and the maple from your garden dear Laura. It is so lovely when our plants have a special memory attached.
xoxoxo ♡