Saturday, May 26, 2012

Glen Arbor Michigan----Dunes and Blu Restaurant

 My favorite place to visit is Glen Arbor Michigan. Blu is my favorite restaurant. The ambiance is bright, clean and cheerful.  The crab appetizer is amazing, very light and subtle flavors.  The view on the left is the sandy beach waiting room, although when you make reservations there is no waiting.

I always get the duck liver Mousse.......the chef has improved it since the last time I came.  Lots of little flavors added on the dish.
Below is a tiny bottle of champagne called POP that I shared with my son.

Here is dessert!  I love to have fresh fruit, whipped cream and chocolate. That is a lot of food groups!
After dinner it is fun to go to the Sleeping Bear Dunes to see the that is a good day!

 The dunes are always inspiring, especially at sunset.
 Found this little rock heart at the beach....this was time well spent!

I love the ambiance of Blu...such beautiful light, and lots of white linens and drapes.

The Bibb Salad had asparagus, gorgonzola, raspberry-lavender vinaigrette and (I think) toasted nuts.  It was wonderful!

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