Monday, June 18, 2012

Elderberry Flower Party Today

Today was the 9th annual Elderberry Flower Party at my house.  The flowers were a bit early this year.  We picked them this morning and then dipped them in pancake batter.  I used canola oil and it heated up on Myrtle's Princess House induction cooktop.  (How cool!  We got to cook outside.)
Once the flowers are in oil, we give them a shake to loosen them up. They take about 20 seconds to cook, then sprinkle with powder sugar.  They end up looking like snowflakes.
Fresh fruit, maple sausage, coffee, wine and mojitos are also on the menu.  Lori made a cobbler too.  A great day.

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dianne said...

Hi Laura dear, I have heard of elderberry wine but I had no idea that the flowers could be cooked and eaten...such pretty flowers, glad you had a good day!
xoxoxo ♡