Monday, July 16, 2012

Garden Weekend, tithonia, garlic...Brenda's Greenhouse and Belle Isle

This is one of the prettiest Tithonia's I have seen...perfect!  Brenda knows how to grow flowers and butterflies!
Above is a top to a garlic stalk in my backyard. I love them, they smell like garlic and you can eat them.  I will put in 2 rows of garlic in the fall, I can't seem to get enough!

Lori and I found some Pineapple mint next to the deck, so we put it in our Reisling. A wonderful aroma.

Stopped into Brenda's Butterfly House at Barson's Nursery in Westland Mi.  She has a greenhouse of all native butterflies. We rescued some American Lady caterpillars that needed something to eat. These cats can eat a lot of food!

On the left is the sculpture in the tropical room of the Belle Isle Conservatory.  I have been visiting her for 35 years!
 A tropical lily at Belle Isle

 I have never seen this cactus bloom before.  This cactus tree was filled with  flowers!
 The exit area of the conservatory.

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