Thursday, June 6, 2013

Esther Williams passes away

I was sad to hear that Esther Williams passes away today.  She was my hero.  She was beautiful and talented...and could handle pain better than anyone.
I met her once at Hudson's Department store for a private bathing suit sale.

I told her about my Esther Williams Birthday party and how I served Pina Colada's and shrimp and other tropical things.  We watched 2 of her movies.

I brought the Videos and she said...."Give me those" and she signed them both. I also got an autographed photo. I have them framed in my studio. I have painted her image many times as an icon and goddess.

I liked that she could pop out of chlorinated water and have a big smile on her face.  She said she broke her eardrums many times in her career.
Rest in Peace Esther.  I hope you have an idol to look up to.

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Jones said...

Ah man that is pretty sad news ... She was a real star back in the days. Well at least she had a long life ... RIP Esther!