Saturday, June 22, 2013

Mission Peninsula Michigan, Chateau Grand Traverse, Spring 2013.....roses, grapes, iris, wineries, trees, cherry trees

 Sitting outside the Jolly Pumpkin on Mission Peninsula......on the bay...

 Lovely roses, including this white rugosa, on the end of the grapevine rows.

 Looking out on the bay at the Chateau Grand Traverse...

 At the Twisted Fish Gallery in Elk Rapids

 The Inn at Chateau Grand Traverse was very open and great service.  We loved every minute. Even a bottle of wine in the room each night. We got semi-dry Riesling.

 Campion Flowers were blooming everywhere in the vineyards
 Love the fragrance of the rugosas

 I sat in this spot for 10 hours painting.....I will post paintings in the next post.

 Cool wine dispenser...I call it the wine trough.  It was not on during our stay.  It was fun to look at though.

Young growth on the grapevine

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dianne said...

Great photos dear Laura, what a beautiful place to stay, I can see why you were inspired to paint.
xoxoxo ♡