Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Sketches of Laura's Creative Memories.....By Joan. Eulogy Material

Thanks to Joan for writing such a thoughtful synopsis of what I have done in my 25 years of scrapbooking, and my 10 years with Creative Memories. I am so humbled. LJ

Sketches of Laura’s Creative Memories

In a studio filled with light, she traces her family through the centuries.  She has become, by default, an archivist.  A few feet away where she paints, sits an entire corpus of documentation: certificates of births, deaths and marriages, passports, scrapbooks and keepsakes. Here are the musical scores her father performed in dinner jackets, a theatre program, her mother’s recipes, Christmas card lists and her brother’s travels. 
She has documented her mother’s wartime telegrams, her son’s travels, graduations and her 25th wedding anniversary – evidence of achievements that will not be forgotten.  Her Father’s world war coins are buried in an art project table in her son’s elementary school.

Her studio is also big enough to contain family and friend’s photographic archive, neatly archived in her much marveled and admired penmanship.   Here is her brother in Vietnam, the other brother traveling the world in hiking shorts.  Her mother Helen in chic home-tailored clothes, Esther Williams a much loved heroine framed in a tantalizing swimsuit.

Laura in her younger days, playing with Maggie, simply labeled “Maggie and Me.”  In her college days, photographs of lying on the grass looking at the sky.  Her artistic genius turned humble black and white prints into rich color.  Sepia faded pictures of her family transformed into a pictorial record of vivid family life.  A decade of creative memories remembered in pages, frames, albums of rare three-generation family posing for half forgotten feelings.  

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