Friday, March 7, 2014

Announcing....My new Daniel Smith Inc. Paint and Picnic Kit! 001 901 220

 After 35 years of ordering art supplies from Daniel Smith Inc., I now have an alliance with this great company! I make a Wishlist and it includes a Paint and Picnic Kit made just for me and can be ordered by anyone! What a thrill...I have an item number! 001 901 220.  There is also no tax and no shipping on this item! 
They even offer it at a $40 savings.....When making a purchace at please use my code number so I can buy more paint for my class. It would be much appreciated. TRP01110. This is what is in the kit:

  1. Daniel Smith Watercolor Mapping Kit (10 tubes)
  2. 1 daVinci Cosmotop-Spin WC brush size 14
  3. 1 daVinci 60-80 Synthetic Wash Brush, 1 inch
  4. 1 Canson Montval Watercolor Book in 140 pound, 10 x 7 inch.
  5. 1 Heritage Artist Palette, 18 color wells with lid 10"x5"
  6. 1 Daniel Smith set of 238 Watercolor Dots Card. This is all 238 colors on 4 sheets of watercolor paper that can be used in the field. It also helps to learn the colors.
Thank You Daniel Smith for making me feel special and helping people make it easy to paint and  have a kit that is so fabulous.

 This Heritage Palette is so wonderful....It has a plastic insert that keeps the paint from running. I also put a sheet of watercolor paper behind the plastic insert with all of my samples from the palette. You can mix right on top of the plastic. There is a huge mixing area which is always wonderful.


dianne said...

That is wonderful and very exciting for you dear Laura,they obviously appreciate your custom. I love colours they bring a beautiful dimension into the world. :)
xoxoxo ♡

Laura said...

Thanks Dianne...hope you are well.