Saturday, April 23, 2016

Watercolors for sale, II

 "Steadfast my love"
 "Red pepper, study in blue, green and red"

 "Bowl of lemons, study in yellow, orange, pink, purple and green"

 "Anne Frank watched the raindrops on the conker tree"

 "Self Embrace"

 "Abate Fetel, bred by Italian Monks"

 "So glad we got together under the persimmon tree"

 "Two Pears, sunrise"

 "Heirloom tomato, study in blue-green, green, red and orange"

"Sunrise in a red boat, or Sunset?"

 "Jon's Head, secondary fruit, green pepper promenade"

 "Heirloom tomato, study in pink, red, orange and green"

 "Heirloom tomato, study in red, yellow and yellow-green"

"Bosc Pair"

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