Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Watercolors I, Titles and Prices

"Artichoke, Old Thistle Flower, Cardoon"

"Mission Peninsula Scenic View"

"Darling, I love your back in the Lavender twilight"

"I am old don't look away."

"I have wings"

"Two kiwi: study in pink, blue, brown and green"

"My Three Salty Friends"

"Curtains Open and Close, Love overlooks"

"Back to back, Sunday morning"

"Young love, blush and green, into the night"

"A rack of turnips, a royal feast, let's eat!"

"The Treemendous Maple"

 "A whole bunch of time, Hey There!" I/3

 "Looking good, my interest is peaked" 2/3

"Ready to Eat" 2/3

 I am sweetest now, unpeel and dive in!   "3/3

"Memory, unplugged, intuned"

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