Sunday, January 11, 2009

Our New Kitchen Shelves

Dan just finished our new shelves in the kitchen. I think it looks more open and I get to look at some of my favorite pretty things. I forgot I had such pretty platters tucked away. The boys thought I was crazy wanting to tear out cabinets, but I love it. The room looks more open and I have more work area and better lighting. Thanks to Dan. Isaac and Ian. Thanks to Ken for donating the wood and giving advice.
I did the wall by spreading MUD on small areas at a time, then I would tap a bristle brush all over it and then lightly smear it with a trowel. I painted the whole wall dark red and then added variations of yellow over the top. It is a slow tedious process, but once it is done it is easy to maintain.

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Carolyn said...

Your shelves and walls look great! I hope you will use those beautiful things more often now that you can see them.