Saturday, January 17, 2009

Winter Contest!!!

CONTEST: When was a time when the snow made you very happy??? Put a few sentences on my blog by Monday morning and I will send my favorite entry a Winter Jewel Additions pack in digital or paper/stickers. It will be fun to share joy during these cold and snowy times.
From Laura Jannika: This is my brother Don and I in our backyard in Lincoln Park throwing snowballs. Bob and Don and I would make elaborate snowmen and if you look real close in the front you can see we took garbage containers and filled them with snow. We would then pack them down and dump them out to create rows of snow mounds. How about you??? CLICK ON COMMENT BELOW AND WRITE IN THE BOX.
From Karen Adkins: On my Wedding Day, February 4, 1989. As my new husband and I walked out of the Church the snow was coming down in huge, beautiful flakes. It was so deserted and quiet outside, but it was like you could hear the snowflakes falling.
From Ken Kowalski: When Snow made me happy.
I was 11 years old and had a snowball fight with the bully of the hood. The snow was big flakes and wet, ice ball weather. We were on each side of a red wood fence, when his head came up to see where I was, my arm was cocked and bulls eye in the middle of his forehead. I ran into my home feeling it was the best snow fall still is 33 years later.
Will my story win, or is it too mean?
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Mama said...

The father of my best friend in high school flooded his backyard so that his children and their friends could ice skate all winter. I spent many winter evenings skating in Teri's yard. Sometimes we went inside to warm up and have hot chocolate. I hadn't thought about that in many years, until you asked about a time when the snow made me happy.

Dan said...

I remember huge drifts of snow on our farm in Illinois. My sister and I would dig tunnels thru the drifts and even tried to make rooms under the snow.

IsaacTheSalsaShark said...

Two of my friends and I made a giant snow fort on the front lawn. It started off as a snowman, and ended up a fort you could sit in. And, of course, my mom got pictures.