Sunday, August 9, 2009

City of Livonia tickets resident for these flowers!!!

My friend Bill Craig was on the front page of our Livonia Observer today! He was ticketed for having these beautiful plants in his yard. The city thinks they are illegal! Bill cares about nature and people more than anyone I know! He has taught me that milkweed is important for Monarchs to breed, & not all sumac is poisonous (and are a beneficial). If anything is illegal it should be lawns that take so much water, pesticides and herbicides. Please share this and let the city of Livonia and the Livonia Observer know your opinion. Comment online at or email to Let them know your thoughts!

Bill doesn't like the catch all classification of weeds. "If you don't know what the plants are, and it's not part of the lawn, it is weeds." Bill is the chairman of the Holliday Nature Preserve in Westland, member of the Rouge River Advisory Council, and chair of the Buchanan School Habitat garden, so he knows what he is talking about! I have seen him pull out plants that are truly invasive (like buckthorn and wild mustard).
Livonia: Let's be on the cutting edge of being natural and beautiful! We have an opportunity to teach and keep our rivers cleaner and healthier without chemicals running in them from our lawn worship. Let Bill keep his habitat friendly environment without being ticketed!


Deanna said...

What is the definition of a weed and who gets to define it?

Laura said...

Good question!!! I think native plants are so beautiful! It is a matter of perspective. Some laws may have been made when there was farming on this land. These were considered noxious for farmers. Doesn't make sense anymore.