Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Black Walnuts and Chestnuts: Scavenging

Kathy gave me two boxes of black walnuts.  They are encased in the green material below, and I had to smash with a hammer to take that off.  It was very messy and I soon realized my hands were stained and would probably be stained for a long time.  I found out that is the case.
I boiled the walnuts for about 15 minutes and then dried them out for a few days. I put them in the oven today for a bit.  They are truly delicious, almost like eating a morel.  Very rich.  Maybe I should go on the black walnut diet, because they are so hard to open.
Susie gave me some chestnuts below, and showed me where to find them.  Now I look for chestnut trees when I do my errands.  Can't wait to roast them on the bonfire!  Happy scavenging!

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