Wednesday, January 11, 2012

StoryBook Play: Aunt Helen and Swirls in Monochromatic

 This is Aunt Helen over the years, she is almost 90.  She has not had the easiest life but has one of the twinkliest smiles I have ever seen.  I like to try to capture a life on one 12" page.  I am happy with this.  I use the cutting tool in StoryBook.
 Here I made strips of paper and swirled them.  Then I copied them 16 times and swirled again.  I love monochromatic, it is so peaceful.

Some of my new favorite things!  I have them all in stock.

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dianne said...

Laura dear, that is such a lovely story book you have created for your Aunt Helen and a wonderful memory of her life throughout her years.
Yes, I agree, she does have a beautiful twinkly smile, so beautiful.
xoxoxo ♡