Tuesday, April 22, 2014

White Rose with Red Trim....Sugulite and Opera Pink

Here is a white rose with red trim that I painted last week. A friend gave me the rose for my birthday and I decided to paint it. These are some of my favorite colors: Opera Pink (Windsor Newton) Sugulite Purple (Daniel Smith Inc.) and Green Gold (Windsor Newton).
I wet the paper where I wanted to the rose to go, just around the red tips. Then I dropped in the Opera Pink. After that dried I added the Sugulite in the veins of the rose.
Finally I added the stem in Green Gold. That color is so earthy, a perfect compliment to the Opera Pink.
The background was put on last this time with Opera Pink.
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The Stargazer lily below was done with the transparent triad, with a  little Undersea Green (Daniel Smith Inc) and orange gouache (Windsor Newton).

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