Thursday, May 15, 2014

Spring Flowers: Woodlands. Amelanchier, Spring Beauty, Quince, Violets, and Lots of Maple Trees! May 2014

Spring Beauties did very well, they are just finishing up this week. Very prolific this year. Amelanchier is finishing up as well this week. The Magnolia did not do well, only one bloom, although the leaves are doing well it appears. The Red Dogwood is blooming as of yesterday, it looks ok. The quince is also in full bloom.
The Tulips were completely eaten by deer. This is the first year I did not even get a bloom. The deer seemed very hungry this year. Something is munching on my tulip tree and river birch tree. Had to put something around them.

 Violets burst forward this spring in a big way, this winter must have helped them.
Tons of extra maples this year...I have never seen so many little seeds growing every in my life. Caused by lots of snow this year protecting them.

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dianne said...

Beautiful flower images and your Mother's Day picnic looked delicious.
xoxoxo ♡